Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies are Available!

Although Darcon Toy Poodles specializes in providing people with well-bred Toy Poodle puppies in Eastern South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, we also have Havanese puppies for sale. Just like with our Toy Poodles, we’re a Havanese puppy breeder that cares deeply about the health and happiness of the Havanese puppies that we produce. We have responsible practices in place for breeding Havanese puppies and make sure they come from quality parents with a good pedigree. Whether you’re looking for a dog for show or a pet for your home, you have come to the right place for Havanese puppies.

For those who aren’t familiar with Havanese puppies, they’re small dogs that will grow to be somewhere between 7 and 13 pounds in most cases. Originally native to Cuba, the Havanese puppies for sale at Darcon Toy Poodles are outgoing, cheerful, intelligent, funny, and full of energy. They’ve become very popular among those who live in larger cities because they’re social dogs that don’t need much exercise. But they do require a lot of companionship. They’ve been nicknamed “Velcro dogs” over the years because they’re known to stick to their owners at almost all times.

When you see the silky hair on our Havanese puppies for sale or take a look into their deep eyes, you’ll fall in love at first sight. You’ll also appreciate all the time and effort that we put in as a Havanese puppy breeder working to care for our puppies during the first few weeks of life while also socializing them with other dogs over time. These puppies are an excellent option for families, apartment dwellers, and those who desire a cute and cuddly puppy with plenty of personality to spare.

For more information on the Havanese puppies for sale through Darcon Toy Poodles, call us at 843-365-3751 today.

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