Havanese & Champion Toy Poodle Puppies For Sale

What is the price of your puppies? 

You can expect to pay $1000 and up for one of our puppies.  The tiny ones cost more, and can be as much as $3000.  We will do bloodwork and tests to make sure these tiny ones are healthy and they don’t have an underlying medical condition keeping them small, for example, a heart murmur, or liver shunt.

We price our puppies according to different factors, such as show quality vs pet quality. A Champion sired puppy that is a high show prospect will cost more than a puppy that is just as healthy, from the same litter even, but has a misaligned bite, like an underbite (undershot jaw). This in no way affects the health, personality, or temperament of that puppy. The undershot or overshot jaw in the Toy Poodle and in the Havanese is considered a major fault, and a puppy with either would not be offered as a confirmation show prospect. Also, if these puppies are later bred, this fault could be passed on to their offspring.


Do you ever offer older dogs for sale?

We sometimes have “retired” dogs that are retired from breeding, or have never been bred. These dogs are spayed or neutered before leaving, and prices range from the cost of the spay or neuter, and up. These dogs are usually between five and eight years old.


At what age do you let puppies go to new homes?

Usually our Toy Poodles and Havanese puppies are ready to go when they are 8  weeks old,, but there are exceptions. They must be eating well and have their first vaccinations. The smaller, tiny ones we keep until at least 12 weeks old.


Do your puppies come with all of their shots?

Our puppies will have at least the first vaccinations before going to their new homes, many times they will have two sets.  They will need boosters every three weeks up to a certain age. Here we do three series of vaccinations at, 6, 9, and 12 weeks of age. We don’t give the Lepto vaccinations to our puppies. Your veterinarian will advise you based on what is a threat in the area you live. About 6 months of age they will need the kennel cough vaccine. This is given as drops in their nose, and is highly recommended for dogs that will be going out for grooming, boarding, and dog parks. Although not deadly, Kennel cough is highly contagious, can last a long time, and makes a puppy miserable.


Why do you do testing on the parent dogs? 

We test for genetic problems that can be passed on to the puppies. Research has determined certain genes in dogs that cause the illness or problem, and by testing the parent dogs we can ensure we are not breeding these problems into our puppies. We have quality parents worthy of breeding to produce puppies that can live long, healthy lives without knee problems, going blind from prcd PRA, (in Poodles), and deafness (in Havanese). Well bred, healthy dogs can compete in conformation, obedience, agility, and rally events held by the American Kennel Club, and give you many good years with them.


Do you have a health guarantee?

We have a written health guarantee for problems that can arise, and be life threatening, as well as problems like luxating patellas (bad knees). These problems can arise, although the parents don’t show signs. I’m happy to show you the guarantee before you give a deposit.


What does “show quality” mean? 

Show quality means the puppy has the correct confirmation and temperament to be entered in the American Kennel Club dog shows in confirmation events to compete for the title of Champion or Grand Champion. Many of the puppies we offer as pets are good enough to become show dogs, and have nothing considered a major fault. We can’t keep them all to show, as it is a very expensive hobby, so they are offered to pet homes too.


How can I reserve one of your puppies?

If we have what you are looking for we can take a deposit. This ensures you will get that puppy when it’s ready to go to a new home. We can take checks, money orders, cash, and Venmo. The balance is payable when you take the puppy home, or before. Some people like to pay along as the puppy is getting older, and when it’s time to go they have paid in full.


Which is better, a male or female puppy? 

Either make wonderful pets. Some people have always had male dogs in the past, and they want another male. The same happens with people that have only had females. Many people looking for a puppy don’t mind if it’s a male or a female, they just want a certain size, like the smallest or biggest puppy in the litter, or a particular color. We have had some new owners wanting a female, but when they met the available puppies they liked a male and took the male home. I seem to fall for those male puppies too!


Do you require owners to spay or neuter their pet?

Most puppies we place are going to pet homes, where they will be “lap Champions” and never bred. These pets do need to be spayed or neutered. This takes away the hormones that are needed for breeding, and it makes the pet more content and loving. They won’t have that urge to go roam in search of a mate, and in females they won’t have their “season” twice a year, which can be a bit messy. ***Show prospects cannot be spayed or neutered to be shown to their confirmation Championship. We have a contract outlining this.