About Darcon Toy Poodles: AKC registered Breeder

AKC Certified Toy Poodles in NCCustom Power Surge @Darcon “Glitch”
Bred by Darlene Crosby and Martha Carroll-Talley
Shown by Jon Rawleigh

Darcon Toy Poodles started a few years after buying our first pet Toy poodle, Precious, in 1995. We had lost our Yorkie to cancer, and found an ad in the local paper for Toy Poodle puppies. we bought her, and she was absolutely precious, but unfortunately lost the site in both of her eyes at age three. This bothered me much more than it did her, and there was nothing we could do about it, so I decided I would do the research before it was time to buy our next Toy Poodle.

I was fortunate to obtain three wonderful and well bred Toy Poodles from an older breeder that was not breeding any longer. This was the start of my    journey to breed and later show these adorable Toy Poodles.